Mards Aleman

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Philippine Tribal Tattoo
Geometric sleeve tattoo
Geometric/Pointillism Tattoo
Black and gray reminiscing tattoo
Tyga and pharaoh portrait tattoo
Neo traditional phoenix tattoo
Custom Samurai and Temple tattoo
Black and gray St. Michael tattoo
Black and gray portrait and rose
Black and gray Cross tattoo
custom religious theme tattoo
Black and gray Liza soberano Tattoo
Black and gray Chinese frog tattoo
Custom soldier black and grey tattoo
Black and grey Mountain and Moon tat
Custom skull and old pocket watch ta
Custom praying hand and dove tattoo
All line Raven tattoo
White snake and peony tattoo
Oriental Koi Fish with lotus tattoo
Custom Oriental sleeve tattoo
Koi Fish and Lotus tattoo
Black and gray Galleon tattoo
Black and grey portrait tattoo
Minimalist burger tattoo
Minimalist Pine apple Tattoo
Custom minimalist Mountain and sun
Kanji tattoo
Minimalist lion tattoo
Geometric tattoo
Minimalist flower tattoo
Minimalist rose tattoo
Pointillism mapple leaf tattoo
Minimalist flower tattoo
Minimalist flower tattoo
Custom Mandala tattoo
Coordinates tattoo
Water color constellation tattoo
Custom Triangle tattoo
Antique Compass tattoo
Custom Philippines tattoo
Black and gray freemasons tattoo
Guns n roses band logo tattoo
Water color tree tattoo
Custom Black and gray tattoo
Black and gray Magellan cross tattoo
Compass with water color tattoo
Tribal tattoo
Minimalist flower tattoo
Minimalist flower tattoo
Custom minimalist tattoo
Minimalist rose tattoo
Custom minimalist tattoo
Pointillism circle tattoo
Tinker bell tattoo
Dream Catcher tattoo
Custom Kanji tattoo
Watercolor Tree tattoo
Custom arrow and watercolor tattoo
Minimalist coconut tattoo
Minimalist cross tattoo
Black and gray broly tattoo
Minimalist hand tattoo
Minimalist Dandelion Tattoo
Stitch Tattoo
Custom Alibata tattoo
Waves tattoo
Single line Cat dog tattoo
Black and gray Crucifix Tattoo
Custom Cherry Blossom tattoo
Black and gray Mother Mary Tattoo
Custom Thresher shark Tattoo
Snufkin tattoo
Sayings Tattoo
Black and gray Jesus Christ
Minimalist Koi Fish Tattoo
Donkey butt hole Tattoo
Minimalist Snake on hand tattoo
Angel Black and grey tattoo
Custom Ruby Gem Tattoo
Black and gray Eve tattoo
Black and grey Ancient Egyptian
Pointillism Adventure tattoo
Realistic Thresher Shark Tattoo
Shell with full of colors tattoo
Buddha black and grey tattoo
rose inside of bamboo leaves tattoo
Black and grey Virgin Mary  tattoo
Minimalist Line cat tattoo
Neo Traditional rose tattoo
Girl watercolor tattoo
Death moth with geometric shapes tat
Custom Space Pointillism tattoo
Palm tree Tattoo
Black and grey skull tattoo
Realistic Hannya mask Tattoo
Custom Skull black and grey tattoo

Tattoo Artist since 2012

Favorite Tattoo Designs: Photorealistic and minimalist tattoos especially in black and gray

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