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Philip Sarmiento

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Blue Goldfish
Foo Dog Tattoo
Sacred Geometry
Sleeping Tiger Cub
Geometric Tree of Life
The Puppy named Lemon
Neo Trad Moth
Husky Micro Portrait
Water color style of The Great Wave Off Kanagawa
3 day full Black and Grey Phoenix Rising Tattoo
Full Color Revision of The Great Wave Off Kanagawa
Full Color New School Trex
Full Color Adam's Family version of The Simpsons
American Trad Boxer Flash Tattoo
Custom Anchor Tattoo
Ram's Head
Chrysanthemum Colored Tattoo
Merlin the Wizard on the forearm
all seeing eye
Custom Sta La Muerte
Fine Line work flower
Minimalist Tattoo
Praying Hads
Realism Bonfire Tattoo
black and grey triquetra
Waves Line Art
Capricorn Geometric
16 bit Squirtle
custom lotus
David / Skull high contrast tattoo
Micro Pointilism World Map
new skool hermit crab
Studio Ghibli Girls
Philippine sun
custom comic book panel style tattoo
shoulder minimalist flower tattoo
custom corpse bride
custom flying birds tattoo
all seeing eye on the hand
custom traditional oriental dragon
neo traditional koi tattoo
gothic mirror tattoo
watercolor style lion tattoo
japanese style colored peony
native american beauty
whale shark tattoo
watercolor rose tattoo
mandala lotus and sanskrit tattoo
water color style flower
love feather
chinese letters
religious 3/4 sleeve tattoo
Custom black and grey clock lady
black and grey skull chieftain
sakura back piece
black and grey crab tattoo
salt and pepper couple tattoo
black and grey woods hiking
colored all as one tattoo
kiss mark tattoo
tribute to brazil
compass tattoo
rose tattoo
flower themed tattoo
black and grey tonearm
geometric tattoo
custom 3/4 sleeve
watercolor style eye
watercolor star sign

Tattoo Artist  & Body Piercer since 2007

Favorite Tattoo Designs: Colorwork

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